Friday, March 29, 2013

The Blue Angel - Lola Lola

Men swarm around me
like moths around the light
If they get burnt
it's not my fault

This was the role that started Marlene Dietrich toward stardom. I drew the character here, not putting much energy into getting a good caricature of Dietrich. I remember the distinct drawings of her, the Mort Druckers and Hirshfelds, with the strong cheekbones, the hooded eyes and the severe mouth. Maybe because she's younger here and her features softer, or maybe because I'm using as my source a YouTube video of an old black and white movie where often details aren't that clear, I wasn't seeing those features so obviously here, and didn't want to get lost between the iconic Dietrich look and Lola Lola.

Worst part of doing this drawing was that the song was continually playing in my head as I drew her.

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